Our 25th Anniversary


Yesterday Joel and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary!  Wow, so hard to believe.  2 weeks ago, our families had a surprise party for us with our family and most of our bridal party—plus their families--were able to come.

They shocked me—I had no idea til we were sitting in front of the place and even the ribbons on the poles didn’t jog my brain!  Joel got a little notice so that he could get us there, but not me. 





Last night, Joel and I went out to Chili’s and used a gift certificate that we’d gotten.  Oh, the food!  Then the waitress brought us this delectable dessert—on the house!

This is the card that I made for Joel.  It was inspired by a card by Michelle Zindorf.




dja maine said…
Congrats on the 25 years! Time goes by so quickly, doesn't it?!! You have a beautiful family.

I love the cards you made, especially the one for hubby! I like the projects made by the others, too. The bleach technique is alot of fun to do. I've used it a few times. I like these new stamp sets and the new cups.

See ya Tuesday at class.

Debbie A.
Andrea Karcher said…
Congratulations on your anniversary!
Lori Jones said…
Congratulations! 25 is pretty special these days. Wonderful picture of the family....how they have grown.

Just one question....how long have you been or will you be "holding on 39?" wink, wink!