Pansies—with a twist

You’re not going to believe how we made these pansies!  I can tell you right now that you are going to need to get this punch because you aren’t going to be able to resist popping out a few butterflies (that’s right, butterflies) and trying this yourself!

kathy and John's 25th 001











Can’t see it yet?  Here’s a close up:

kathy and John's 25th 002

Look closely and you’ll see the outline of a butterfly. Each pansy is made with 2 butterflies.


1. Punch out the butterfly

2. Sponge center and outside edges using chosen colors (rubbing sponge back and forth gently to make it as dark as you want

3.  Then spritz both sides with water to completely moisten.

4. Scrunch up each butterfly as tight as you can, immediately un-scrunching but don’t smooth out too much so that it stays a little crumpled looking.  Allow to sit and dry for at least an hour.  Should not even be a little moist when you go to the next step

5. Carefully poke a hole in the center of each butterfly and insert a brad through the center of 2, laying them at opposite angles. 

6. Draw the faces of the pansy using a fine tip marker—I did them with black, but liked grey or purple better.


Okay, one more thing that my friend found when she was making these was the image that the butterfly left as you were sponging the centers of them.  I turned it into a border for one of the scrapbook pages I was working on. 


kathy and John's 25th 003

these are my son, Tyler’s, teammates—he’s sort of hidden
















kathy and John's 25th 005

this is what it looks like—see the shape of the butterfly beginning in the center—then I just put a dot in the center of each one.


Amy Hoffman said…
Great idea Cindy! I am doing a flower class in May and these will definitely be a part of it!