Friday, June 11, 2010

Ribbon Club More Info

I wanted to hopefully answer a few questions that you might have about this ribbon assortment that I’m offering.  The purpose of this club is to get more color into your hands with fewer yards of each to be bothered with.

The picture before was not filled with ribbon so it may have left questions. 

I filled the one side of this one so that I could show you what it will look like.IMG_1488









Here’s an inside view with the lid off.  Again, this only has about 1/3 of the ribbon in it.IMG_1487

It will be filled to the brim when it’s done.






Please note that the cost of $200 is only for the 2-3 yards of each ribbon and the keepers that you will get.  I am not charging anything to sort, cut and put the holes in the keeper.

Please note, you can do this yourself but when you purchase 10-15 yards of each ribbon, you will only be able to fit about 15-20 rolls  in here as opposed to the 50+ ribbons that you will have in here.

I am offering an additional option for 6 months at $33.33 per month to make it more affordable but I need to hear from you today before the keepers are sold out.


Lacey Redditt said...

I want to do the 6mo one! Please! :o) I am sure you have a card saved for me already...let me know!

Sally Miller said...

Cindy, This sounds great but after much consideration, I don't think that I can do this now. I'll have to work at it on my own. Thanks for the idea!

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