Saturday, March 24, 2012

Babies are a Blessing

I sent an email out last week but you may have missed it.  Joel and I are to be grandparents in June!   Tyler and Beth are expecting a baby boy.....but last Thursday she was having some light contractions and they found that the baby has some problems with fluid on it's lungs and will not likely survive early birth.  We were quite concerned and asked everyone to please pray! IMG_8706

They sent her home for the weekend, on bedrest, still having light contractions to return on Monday for removal of some excess amniotic fluid and baby blood work.

Monday:  I just heard the name of the condition the baby has is 'fetal hydrops' a collection of fluid in more than 2 compartments of baby's body. In this case: around heart, lungs, head, skin....Beth had 1 1/2 liters of fluid taken off and baby blood work drawn.....this can often be due to chromosome problems but they had already been checked for that when they found out she was pregnant (was on the chemo).  Everything had come back normal which caused them to look further.  She saw the oncologist from York today (she's had leukemia for 4+years and they left her on her chemo during the pregnancy to keep it under control).   Bloodwork shows baby has been getting chemo and experiencing the side affects of this drug...they've taken her off of the chemo drug at this point.  They will continue to monitor Beth and the baby twice a week.  They seem very hopeful, probably plan to give the baby some Lasix to get him to peeeeee!  Pee baby pee.  Thank you so much for praying!  This little baby has been the most prayed for baby in our family in a long time!  He sure is blessed as are we.

IMG_8839 Friday: Another Ultrasound, fluid level hasn’t varied greatly, they will probably give another dose of Lasix on Tuesday.  Baby was sticking his tongue out during the Ultrasound!  I think he said, “nanny nanny boo boo, I scared you!” 

The high-risk doctor seems very hopeful....thinks they still might be looking at doing an intra-utero thoracentesis to remove the fluid from his lungs.

Baby’s due date is June 14th.  Keep praying that they can resolve these issues in utero so baby can be born healthy!

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