Monday, April 23, 2012

More Flowers






I just had to show you the flower decorations that Tash did for our Scrapbook Weekend.  We got the directions in our Stampin’ Success Magazine the day we were packing for the weekend.  She also did this awesome window treatment:



For the blue flowers:

First layer: 1 3/4” circle punch—1

Second layer: long leaf from Blossom Builder punch—8

Third layer: same

4th layer: small leaf from same punch—8

The orange flowers were done with the short, chubby petal from the punch.

Center is 8”X 1” strip of cardstock, snip in about 1/2” at very close increments. Then you just roll the piece and fluff out the little snips.

Each petal is curled with a bone folder, Glued with a hot glue gun is best.  IMG_9059

Window Treatment: Fishing line!  

Orange ones are just 2 circles 1 3/4” Glued together over the fishing line


The pool party ones are circles that I spritzed with water and scrunched, then left to dry.  (took these along to work on while my tax lady put my tax totals into her computer—it always takes a long time).

They are also glued back to back on the fish line.  Then we just laid them out on the floor and attached at the top with masking tape which we applied to the top of the window!

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