Our Grandbaby is Here

So, I’m in Disney on our fabulous Stampin’ Up! Incentive Trip and Thursday morning I get a text that Beth’s water broke!  The baby is 6 weeks early so the doctors had to decide to hold her off for a few more days or let her go into labor.  They chose the latter and baby Kale Wyatt was born 10 hours later.  Beth did fabulous and is recovering quickly.  He is 5 lbs. 5.7 oz. and is 18 1/4  inches long.  I think he’s pretty big for 6 weeks early.

So here’s the picture I received in a text at 5:30 Thursday night


I almost cried….Joel did cry.  It’s so hard to be so far away when this miracle happens. 

His lungs are underdeveloped so they gave him medication for that and he is ventilated.  I don’t think they got to bond much yet as he was whisked off to NICU.

This morning…Friday…our bus picked us up at the resort at 3:50 AM for our trip back home….and we were definitely ready.

As soon as we arrived home, I called Joel to see how soon he could get off work so we could go see the precious little guy.

So, according to what I understand from the nurse, the fetal hydrops that he had in-utero really seems to have no affect on him right now.

Things you can pray about:

  • He does have a pneumothorax (an area where a part of the lung is collapsed) but he’s ventilating well and his Oxygen levels are perfect so they hope that it will resolve itself and of course that his lungs will grow stronger quickly
  • His platelet count was low at birth and was even lower today…it’s a concern and they plan to do a brain ultrasound tomorrow to make sure there is not bleeding in the brain…I don’t know what causes this.
  • He has some fluid build up, just since birth around his neck area….it’s very firm….they don’t know why, they say I guess from the birth process and they hope that it will also resolve itself

Tyler took us down to see the baby while Beth pumped so I don’t have any pictures of her with baby yet.  

IMG_8511 I told the nurse that I wished I could see his little eyes and she said, “Oh, we can turn the light off for awhile”.  They are just the sweetest nurses.  So we got to see him try to open his eyes a little.


He is very ticklish and even in his sedated state, he pulled his legs up when we rubbed our finger along his leg….oh how I long to hold and cuddle him!

Cast Your Vote: Okay, so some of you have helped me to explore the name that I’d like to be called: Gramma, Grandma, Grandmom,  Nana….but this week, I heard 2 new ones: Grandy and Meme (spelled a little different in French but I’m spelling it how it sounds to me with the e’s sounding like the e in egg but the accent on the last syllable…what do you think?)  I’d love to hear any thoughts, any new ones.  I'm thinking Meme would be easy for a small baby to learn to say.

Also, What do you think Joel should be called?  Grandpa, Pappy, Granddad, DaddyO…..any other great names that you’ve been called or heard? 



When they took theIMG_8513 eye patch off, I was amazed at how narrow his face is, much like Beth and her sister Abby.  It’s hard to tell since he’s so small but I’m thinking he’s going to look much like his Momma’s side of the family.

Thank you Lord for this sweet baby.  Please watch over him tonight and help him to grow strong and serve you the rest of his days.

Didn’t get pics yet with all the aunts and uncles…we can only go in with Tyler or Beth, 2 at a time… but Briana did get this one with Tash:



Jeff Balmer said…
Cindy, we have been praying for this little guy for several months now... glad to hear that he has made his safe arrival! We will continue to pray for him to keep growing bigger and stronger, and also for his mommy and daddy, as they adjust to being parents. Congratulations on being grandparents, no matter which names you pick! :-) Our love from Maine, Jeff and Phyllis Balmer
dja maine said…
Congrats to you and the whole family! We are called Grammie & Grampie, but my mother has always been called Mam or Mamie-pronounced Mammie. You don't hear that one very often up here in the wilds of Maine! Nice pics-he is beautiful!!

Love ya, Debbie A.
Atkinson, ME and Farmingdale, ME
Joyce said…
Congratulations! Grandchildren are the best rewards from heaven and you will have a whole new focus on life. Have you thought of Gram, Gramps, or, one of my favorites, is YaYa which is Greek?

Thoughts and prayers from NC,
Joyce W.
Sarah Lemmon said…
Congratulations! He has been in our prayers and will continue to pray for all. A small note on the names it really doesn't matter what you want, lol my granddaughter was and still is told to call me grandma but she has her own name for me she calls me Momaw and that is fine with me just as it will be with you. I wish you all the best. The first time you get to hold him your heart will melt! Been there.
Love to all,
Linda said…
I am so happy for you all Cindy. Tyler looks so proud. I am continuing to pray for Kale and every one of you. He is on the prayer list at my church also. Thanks for keeping us updated. Can't wait for more pictures and good news. Love you. Linda :)
Heather Boedeker said…
Cindy, I'm so happy for all of you! Your pictures are precious!!!!! I vote for Nana. I'll be sending my prayers for your whole bunch.
He's gorgeous Cindy. I will pray he gets stronger every day. I just know he will.
Say hello to the kids from Carole' Anne and me. We miss you all already.
for Grandparent names I like the Meme' for you or Grandy (of course) and for Joel...well we love Daddy-o and Pop Pop is cute and so is Pops!!!
Hope to hear from you soon!
Love ya!!!
Kriss Dillman said…
Congratulations Cindy! He looks beautiful! Hearing his stats brought back memories. Marshall was 6 wks early, 5lb 5ounces and just a little bit shorter. Our prayers are with you and your family. Oh and I love 'poppy' for a Joel and have you ever thought of 'Nonny' for u? I love that! Cant wait for updates.
Sue F. said…
Big congratulations to everyone! I put baby Kale Wyatt on my church prayer list. He seems pretty good size for being 6 weeks early. I'm sure that will work in his favor.
I've always been partial to Grammy. That's what we called my grandmother and what my kids called my mom.
Blessings to all...Sue
He is awesome and a miracle only God could do. I vote for Meme and Poppy!
Sherrie Robinson
Carol Taggart said…
Congratulations, Cindy. A friend showed me a new stamp she bought - it says "Grandchildren make being Grandparents truly Grand". So no matter what he calls you, you will love it. I didn't get to choose, our daughter-in-law decided what we would be called, and that is fine. I am very happy for you and Joel.