Saturday, March 2, 2013

Baby Wipe Technique

I promised to tell you how I did this card…oops, sorry! a day late.  Busy getting ready for a Big Joyful Heart Stampers Group Meeting…went from 9-3 today.  Whew, am I wiped out!


First, let me say that I’m totally in love with this By the Tide stamp set!  

  • start with a piece of our white or vanilla Ultrasmooth cardstock (in our basic line).
  • lay a baby wipe (folded) on a paper plate or even hold in your hand.  and drip several drops of re-inker in a  line. 
  • immediately rub that baby wipe over your card, trying to do it in one fluid motion (you can see there above the lobster where I stopped and restarted but it sort of gives it some character)

Hope you’ll try this simple technique and let me know what you think.

If you’d like to have this gorgeous stamp set that makes perfect ‘manly’ cards, just click on the photo to go to my website and order ….but to make it easier, here’s the number…you can just plug that into the search box once you get into my online store….#129120  Here’s what’s included:

by the sea

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