Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Sale--with Door Busters Nov. 20th only

Okay, are you ready?  
Here's the flier----seriously do not click if you don't want to be tempted!   
Nov. 20th thru Dec. 2nd with door busters only til 11:55 on Nov. 20th
What to do next:
Step 1. Print the flier
Step 2. Click here to type numbers in the search box to view each item quickly 
to my demonstrators:go to your own store and type the numbers in and order from yourself.
Step 2b. Check them off on your printed flier and give it to your significant other to shop for my store of course. 
Step 3. Skip know they aren't going to order it for you in time...just add to the shopping cart as you like each item and get it yourself!  
Step 4. Get your husband's credit card and order your own gifts for under the tree cuz he doesn't think stamping gifts are all that exciting.  Just please make sure you've chosen my name as your demonstrator (who gives you the best stamping ideas ever?)

Don't forget that for November, every time you place a minimum $25 order HERE in my store, you get your name in a drawing for this hostess only stamp set, Warmth and Wonder:

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