Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Malachi’s Creations


My 10 year old loves to stamp.  He really likes to design cards for me but he doesn’t like to stamp anything that I’ve designed. 

He sure isn’t like me since I love to copy the creative work of others—grin!  As I was taking the last pics to put on here, he brought his card over for me to take a picture of and I just had to get the artist in the picture—isn’t he adorable?



He frequently pulls out this set, Season of Blessings to design with.  I guess cause gardening is his pride and joy right now.  Grandpa Fodor brought a shovel and they both dug up the garden with a shovel on Memorial Day!



Here’s Malachi and my 70 year old Dad, digging up the yard.










Here are some of the plants in his garden that he grew from seeds in his little greenhouse, in the house, and what the bunnies haven’t already enjoyed in the garden:



He has cantaloupes, cucumbers, tomatoes,  a pepper, honeydew and thistles—well, he didn’t plant those—they’re just natural in our yard—ugh!

And some special flower seeds from his Grandma Fodor but they’re not doing too well.  Grandpa Clapper gave him starts of Strawberry plants so he’s trying to get them rooted in this hot weather so he can pick strawberries next year.



He staked up his tomato plants with his sister’s help.







I guess he’s most proud of his Honeydew because I told him that I didn’t know if we could grow those around here.  He took seeds from a Honeydew melon that we bought to eat and he planted them.  Here’s the proof—just today he saw that it had blossoms so he’s a happy camper:














Since I’m showing off Malachi, here’s his 10th birthday pic at the mountains this month.  Thank you so much for looking—I know they’re not stamping creations but they are some of the little things that make life worth living.

And, no, I was not this interested in gardening at his age but then maybe that’s cause I had to do it! 

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