Monday, July 21, 2014

Earn a Cruise of the Mediterranean

My voice is hoarse!  When they announced the newest incentive trip, I couldn't believe my eyes and ears.  I was screaming!   France, Spain, amazingly romantic!  

The earning period for this trip is July 2014 thru June 2015 so there is no time to waste.

First, you gotta get signed up!  Then we'll sit down and build a business plan together to help you get goin'.

Step 1:
Click Here to sign join now....Kit is $99  (you choose the items you want)

Step 2: 
List of names of every person that you know:
Friends, Coworkers, Bank tellers, Hair stylist, church friends, Kid's friend's parents, neighbors, wives of husbands friends, old high school friends, everyone on your facebook, just everyone you can think of!  It's said that we all know at least 250 people that would come to our funeral---how morbid---but we often don't realize who we are missing.

Step 3: 
Contact me to set a time to help you develop a business plan of action   Click here to find me on my website.

My hierarchy:
Just a little info about me as your future upline and coach: I have been a demonstrator for almost 18 years, attending 19 conventions as well as Leadership events and have earned 17 of the 18 Grand Vacations awarded while I was a demonstrator.  I've earned Founder's Circle (top 100 demonstrators in the company) for at least 8 out of the last 10 years. I have regular group meetings as well as a Facebook group where we all meet up to share our tips and successes.

To Join my group of Joyful Heart Stampers, click here now

HURRY...we have to get goin' cause you only have 11 months to earn this trip!

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