Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hand-made Fabric Purse Fundraiser

 IMG_3555 I just designed and made a few “jean” purses to raise some money for my son’s MRI.  Tyler, our 20 year old recently lost most of the vision in his left eye.  The doctors ordered an MRI and we’re hopeful but he had no insurance through his job and the cost is just a little overwhelming as most of you know.  Just got the MRI today so we have no results yet.

If you like any of these purses—great for Christmas gifts---just let me know to hold it for you! 

They are all lined, some have pockets in the lining.  If you have any questions about one, please email me.

I’m asking for payment by check or cash so that I can donate as much as possible to him for his medical costs.   Email me that you want a particular one, and I’ll hold it til I get a check from you.

A. $45  This tan purse made with quilted style handles—over the arm style.  Lining is in the red fabric as well as the bottom.  Turned out to be our favorite one!  I hope you like!IMG_3540


B.  $45  This blue denim one was a skirt and has a lace around the bottom with sequins–also, I lined it with matching fabric for durability.  The inside is lined with this matching fabric.  Over the arm style with 2 handles. SOLDIMG_3544


C. $45 This tan purse sports a quilted handle in olive/tan tones

When I finished the one above in red, we loved it so much that we decided to look for another tan skirt—this one is corduroy—to do in green.  The lining is the paisley pattern and has one pocket.  The bottom is done in matching fabric. Over the arm style with 2 handles  SOLDIMG_3551


D. $35

This purse was made with a biker style mini skirt.  I searched awhile til I found appropriate fabric for this purse.  Decided on Bandana red!  This has one long, over the shoulder handle.  I think it turned out very cool!IMG_3542 

E. $35  This skirt gave me the most trouble—It had camouflage fabric on the underskirt and I just couldn’t match it.  Finally settled on this blue plaid, changed the underskirt and love the look.  Long over-the-shoulder handle.  Skirt is loose and flowing.IMG_3554

F. $35  This purse was also made with a skirt and red,pink/and olive polka dot  material.  My daughter is liking this one alot!IMG_3552

Here are a few other views of the above:

IMG_3541  IMG_3545















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dja maine said...

Super Awesome purses!! Sorry to hear about your son though. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

I'll be calling you soon about a purse--black with red??? A little on the Gothic side?? you know, chains, etc. After Christmas would be fine.
Debbie A.

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