About Me

I am the wife of a wonderful man for over 30 years!  Joel has been by my side as we raise our 5 children.  He's supported all of my crazy ventures including home schooling, stamping and keeping up with all my customers and downline.  He and I enjoy getting away once a year thanks to Stampin' Up! but for the most part, we are at home enjoying our family. 
Our children are now 26,24, 21,19, and 14---only one left to school and one last new driver to teach!

I love the Lord and have trusted him as my Savior---when I was 9 years old and daily find comfort in His words and His love. This past year, we found that my husband had some major heart blockages and were so blessed to have an amazing doctor who could fix even a 100% blockage! Joel is feeling like a new man! Our 24 year old, Tyler, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis this past summer (not a total shock because we've been looking for a cause for his problems over the past 4 years including going mostly blind in his one eye).  We are grateful for medicine and pray that he will be able to stay strong, hard working and able to raise his gorgeous son, Kale, who's the light of our life.  Our oldest daughter, Briana, goes to Lancaster Bible college and is persuing her dream of being a Health and Physical Ed. Teacher. Our oldest, Devin, was laid off his job of 10 years and was only out of work for a few days when he found a fabulous new job with great benefits..so thankful.  Tash, graduated from high school last year and loves designing...but doesn't like school so not sure where she'll take that to.  Then Malachi is in 8th grade, loves learning, gardening, computers and football.

My Stampin' Up! journey began over 19 years ago when a friend called and asked me to come with her to a party with something neither of us had ever heard of. I had just had my 4th child and really needed a night out with the baby so that I could actually have time to sit and hold her.
That night we were introduced to things that would forever change my life--stamps, ink, and paper! And, no, I didn't get to sit and hold my baby girl, I was too busy feeling creative.  Fortunately for me, that 'baby' girl has become my right hand stamping buddy and helper.

My friend booked a party right away--I went, had so much fun. My friend decided to sign up as a demonstrator, I had a workshop for all my friends--had over 30 people in 2 nights. I even recruited my sister to be a demonstrator under my friend. After several months of stamping to help my friend and my sister, my husband confronted me and said, "Why don't you do this for yourself? You are putting so much time and energy into this and getting nothing out of it". I immediately argued with him, "How do you think I could possibly fit this into my schedule, with 4 small children, beginning to homeschool the oldest, still working part-time as a Critical Care Nurse...it's impossible!" Funny how that little confrontation got me thinking. First, I knew that I'd love to be able to do what I loved, stamping, more often. Second, He was giving me permission but also a vote of confidence that I could do this. I called my friend and told her I wanted to sign...
The End--NOT! My friend said she didn't want me to sign up as a demonstrator. I tried to tell her that I could only help her make more money as her downline. She admitted that it was because she finally had something that she was good at and I guess didn't want my competition. Now, 19+ years later, we both have thriving businesses, have earned many incentive trips and still loving what we do.
I have learned so much about time management, business and have gained so many new friends thanks to Stampin' Up! And, my husband and I enjoy yearly trips/cruises as incentives from Stampin' Up!
I recommend this company, my group of Joyful Heart Stampers and the joy that is shared when you teach someone to stamp.

Stamp Fest Photos

Deb Paisie showed us how she designed this shirt with Stampin' Blends (our alcohol markers).  It is such a gorgeous shirt and I want t...