Friday, March 18, 2011

Stamp/Scrapbook the Love Boutique

I couldn’t wait to write this, even though I should be cleaning my stamp room and designing the cards for tomorrow morning’s class…I believe that I had a rare creative moment last night, getting ready for Becky’s party, and I have a plan. 

The plan involves these supplies…..












….scrapbooking  and…..

weekly scrapbooking ideas!

That’s all I can say for now except that here is the first design that I’ve created with these particular supplies.


I hope you enjoy. 

I promise I will be back the beginning of the week to tell you how to do this page and to let you know how you can get more of these ideas and tutorials on a regular basis.



Dawn said...

I love how you gave the flowers depth. Too often I just leave them flat. Looks nice. -Dawn Baer

Kris Wolf said...

Love the scapbooking ideas!

Ellen said...

Love the colors, and I agree, giving the flowers dimension adds so much! Very pretty. Ellen Adams

Ellen said...

Love the colors - so pretty. I agree, crinkling the paper adds so much dimension to the flowers. Ellen

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