Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 3 Baby Update


I got a text with this picture on the way home from church!  My heart just melted.  They finally got to hold him.  This is Mommy Beth.  She’s such a good mommy and isn’t he just the most beautiful baby you’ve ever seen?  before Joel got to see this picture he said, “oh, come on, are you sure your not a little prejudiced”.  Okay, so he’s the 6th cutest baby ever!

So, they took him off the oscillating ventilator (sp?) and put him on a regular ventilator…a step in the right direction.  He requires no oxygen, only room air.

He is taking 15 oz at every feeding—by feeding tube. 

Then I got this picture….IMG952012050695150543 they have been giving him very little sedation so they actually got to see him with his eyes open.

You’ll notice he still has swollen cheeks/neck…it happened since birth so they’re pretty sure it will correct itself.

You can see his little chest tube there on the left side of his chest (my right) you can see the green cannula going in to drain the air around his lungs.  His x-rays are looking good.

Oh, he does have an inguinal hernia, not sure when they will want to repair that.

Okay, off to order my new stuff from the stamping catalog!  Yes, I cannot give that up.

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Carole'Anne AKA Stampin Stressaway said...

Ahw He is look so much better - so precious my Cindy
I truly recal the day I go to hold our Evan (who was almost 7 weeks earlY) and that feeling of utter JOY
and so I am sure Beth felt that - releif and joy that she finally gets to hold her little baby boy
I agree he is above and beyond beautiful
You say hi to Tasha for me and to Malachi from me please
Big Hug to YOU Cindy
I really look forward to visiting with you again at Convention

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