Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 6—Baby Kale

Tash and I got to go see the baby last night.  The NICU was hopping with sick babies…..it made me very sad.

The nurse told us that they were going to take out Kale’s endotube (the tube that goes into his lungs and hooks to the ventilator).  It was in a bad position and so they figured they’d take it out and see how he does.  They warned them that most likely he will need to be re-intubated but they wanted to see. We didn’t stay cause we were already passed visiting hours and didn’t want to get kicked out. 

As we left, I just felt a huge pressing to pray for Kale and for another baby that was there…I know no details except that everyone was crying and it was a huge family.  I prayed that Kale would breathe on his own and that this other baby would have a surge of strength and the family would have peace that he/she would be okay.

When Tyler got home late last night, he had called in and Kale was having some apnea  (stopping breathing) so they gave him a shot of Caffeine, say it helps babies to breathe better and they give a large dose then smaller doses.   I’m still praying for his strength!

Over night, I kept waking up and wondering how he was doing, wishing I could call in and see how he is.  As soon as I got up, I called Tyler at work and asked him….he told me he texted me right away.  Kale did not have to be re-intubated.  He breathed well through the night.  They did not even have to give him any more doses of caffeine!  Thank you God, you are so good to us!  Please keep your healing hand on this little baby.  Next, help him to learn to eat good so that he doesn’t need to be fed through a tube!

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