Monday, September 17, 2012

Founder's Circle--Day 3

We took an hour bus trip to Kanab to tour the manufacturing facility. The employees greeted us with signs and made us feel like royalty...guess they really think that we are. We got to see the whole process and how 60 employees make 15,000 stamp sets per day, plus they make the ink pads, fill reinkers, cut cardstock and much, much, more!
Got to tour the apartment at Kanab that Shelli and her family and other employees use when they are in town for business.  Her touch is every where....just beautiful
then we got back on the bus for an hour trip to????
Okay, they did finally tell us that we were going to float down the Colorado River!  We took a bus down in this tunnel, I'm thinking under the Glen Falls Dam...creepy.  As soon as we got off the bus, we had to wear these helmets just in case a car on the road up on top of that rock wall would throw a rock over the side. 
After about an hour of floating down the River, we grounded it on an island and took a hike to see several of these petraglyphs:

We ended on a beach right above the start of the Grand Canyon.
These cute bags held our dinner to eat on the way back to the hotel...a 3+ hour bus ride.


djamaine said...

Cindy, it sure looks like you had a grand time!!! Looks like you all got pretty spoiled out there. Congrats on making the Founder's Circle.


Julie Gearinger said...

Congratulations on Founder's Circle and what a fun trip!! Thanks for sharing with all of us :-)

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