Friday, April 12, 2013

New Stampin' Up! Product--Squash Book?

I got my kit the other day and was so excited to show everyone at class---I grabbed the stuff out of my box and I sold 2 right off just by showing it.  Got home and realized that I hadn't even gotten the rotary stamp out of the box.  That's how great the value is on this kit right now!  The stamp is just an added bonus.

I see your eyebrows are still furled?
It's just a fun little book where you can ...keep your everyday can make a prayer journal....
.....a thankful thoughts journal....a small scrap book with pictures of the kids being silly and having fun.....a summer day trip scrap book.....or even a place to keep your creative ideas till you have time to try them.

Watch very short video here for inspiration.

This and That 'squash' book Kit will be a 'cool' gift for those 20 somethings and even high schoolers that you never know what to get (everyone that I've shown it to, loves it and I haven't put a stitch in it yet)

Get yours today and get an extra one for a friend.
Click here to order now
#133350  $32.08

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