Thursday, August 22, 2013


Welcome to the Treasure Hunt Blog Hop!  My very first Blog Hop ever.

You all are invited to play along!  A winner will be drawn and they will receive a Stampin’ Up! shopping spree!!!!  We could all use that right????  Right now, we are up to over $100.00 shopping trip and more demos are joining in…..the prize is based on the number of US demos!!!
 Ends October 25th

My Clue is: 
Candy Dot Brad Bases

Candy Dots Brad Bases Apply Candy Dots or small rhinestones or brads to this base for a framed colored brad.

* 25 pieces
* 3/16"
* Silver
 # 132293   Price: $2.95

Here is how to play:
Below is a list of participating blogs.  Click on the blogs and look for the LNS Treasure Hunt photo like the one above  (or do a search on their blog).  Find their clue…it won’t be hard, it should be prominently listed.  Make a note of the blogger/blog name and the clue (and leave a comment to the blogger…it’s nice to know you were there!)
You’ll need to collect 50 clues, once you’ve collected 50, submit them to me at  I’ll verify that they are correct and submit them to the US coordinator.  All correct answers will be entered into a drawing and the winner receives up to $150.00 SU shopping spree!!!
Now, there are more demos participating all the time….. they will continue to sign up along the way, so you’ll have to keep checking back.  I will be posting the newest demo blogs, so you won’t have to keep searching.  The Treasure Hunt starts Today and ends October 25th, so you have lots of time to collect those clues!

Thank you so much for playing!  As an extra bonus,  I am giving away a set of brads along with an assortment of each family of the candy dots (this is only for US partcipants…gotta follow the rules).  Please leave a comment that you were here and where you are from…..all commenters will be entered into a drawing and one lucky winner will win my FREE gift!  You’ll have to check back on October 26th to see if you won (unless you are a current customer--you'll get an email)
Here they are…..Happy Hunting!!!

First Name Last Name Blog Address Country
Tammy Baldwin US
Carolyn Bennett US
Jody Brechbill US
Brenda Cook US
Carolee Crabb US
Tina Davis US
Beverly Farmer US
Sherrill Graff US
Penny Hanuszak Canada
Lori Helvick US
Diane Ison Canada
Suzanne Johnson US
Nancy Legate US
Carolyn Lindenmayer Other
Rhonda Macnally Canada
Serena Marsh Canada
Robin Messenheimer US
Joni Metras US
Cynthia Millan Canada
Kimberley Morris US
Ruth Pearson UK
Ginger Rabesa US
Brenda Riehle US
Linda Rodenberg US
Heather Sewczak US
Cynthia Simpson US
Dee Slater US
Deborah Smart Canada
B Jayne Stenstrom US
Tanya Stottlemire US
Charlene Tackvic US
Heidi Tekunoff US
Jackie Watson US

Lesley         Lendon                                                    UKAmanda       Frankel                                                   USVanessa       Terrell                                                     USKris               Sobolik                                    US Misty             Snell                                                   US
Rhonda         Price                                             US
Jaime            Barnett                                     UK
Janet             Yates                                                Canada
Avery             Murphy                                   Canada
Jennifer         King                                                          US
Erika              Trowell                                                               US
Mary K.          Wessling                                     US
Jean              Piersanti                            US
Karina           Chin                                                            Canada
Samantha      Joyce                                            UK
Jennifer         Wren                                               US
Susan           Timchack                                 US


Latenightstamper said...

I am honored you joined out treasure hunt!!! so happy for all of us to be able to link to YOUR blog!
(((hugs))) sherrill graff

Carolee said...

Welcome to your first blog hop! It is m first one also!
I love your snowflake card...I had to scroll to find the hunt post.

Rosie said...

I'm loving this blog hop!

Jody B said...

Hey....waving at you from glad you joined! I've had over 1,000 hits this week! Party on!

April said...

Hey Cindy!
I'm glad you got Jody Brechbill and I addicted to this stampin' stuff so many years ago!
April (Kelly) Roan

Cindy Fodor said...

Thanks for posting everyone. April, great to hear from you, glad you got addicted too!

djamaine said...

I have never participated in a blog hop, sounds like lots of fun. And who couldn't use more Stampin Up! products?!! I, too, am addicted to Stampin Up! Thank goodness for your Stamps In The Mail club!

Thanks for the heads up on this.

Debbie A. from Maine

Donna Valles said...

This is my first blog hop. Having lots of fun, Thanks for participating.

Penny Hanuszak said...

Cindy I'm so glad you joined the LNS Fall Treasure Hunt. Hope you have lots of fun. I know everyone's going to enjoy visiting your awesome blog! Great clue too - have to get me some of those brads and dots.

SchnauzerCrafts Creations said...

Love the candy dots!! I purchased them and the brad bases - but I haven't used mine yet. Thanks for reminding me that I have them so I can use them!

lisa808 said...

Great clue. I have yet to try the new dots.

Thanks for the fun hop. I just sent you an E-mail with my list of clues.

Lisa (US)

Cindy Fodor said...

Thanks for playing everyone. The winner was posted on LNS about a week ago. Sorry, I'm just getting it on here.
Treasure Hunter for the 2013 Fall LNS Treasure Hunt - the winner was Lisa Eisner!!!

Cindy Fodor said...

Thank you all for your comments! I wanted to let you know that my winner for the free brads and bases is Penny. Penny, I sent you an email and I'll get those out to you as soon as I get your address.

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