Friday, June 24, 2016

Metallic Thread---love it or leave it?

So, we've been playing with the metallic thread since the last Holiday catalog, I think. 

 I love the look of it, subtle and under-stated, but it's not always easy to work with.
 I've come up with a few ways that help me use it and love it...hope it will help you too!
So this first one, I just came up with this month because I really miss scallops.  I miss our scallop scissors, punches, dies, etc.  We have no scallop borders...bahhh!
Enter scallop thread!   First I put 'Tear and Tape Adhesive down the back edge of this Mint Macaron piece.  Then I just looped the thread around, making little circles and tacking the thread onto the adhesive every time it crossed it. Turn it over and just the scallops show on the front. 
 Also, in casing a swap from the cruise, I added a swirl of copper thread but to make it easy, I just twirled around my fingers then tacked it to the washi tape I planned to use...doing customer appreciation notes, so I just lined up lots of washi tape with thread attached. Easy Peasy!

 So, get crackin' and try out these 2 new ways to enjoy your metallic thread

 Affectionately Yours Washi Tape (this is where the copper washi tape is from) #141635  $8

Tear and Tape Adhesive  #138995  $7

 Black Metallic Thread  #141695
Copper Metallic Thread #141696
Gold Metallic  #138401
Silver Metallic  #138402
 $3 each  50 yards

So....Metallic thread....are you lovin' it or leavin' it?  Please give me your vote in the comment section below.
Need supplies?  I can help 



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