Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cute Card and Tyler Update


Tash designed this card using the Build a Blossom stamp set and I knew something was fishy when she put You’re Invited on it.  She said it was for me to use for her Sweet Sixteen BD party!  She offered to make all of them for me.  I told her I’d make the invitations so that everything was a surprise—she’s always so helpful.


I wanted to let you all know about Tyler—we saw a second neurologist today—Dr. Shin—at University of MD.  I am very impressed with his knowledge and very at peace with his suggestions.  He felt that since Tyler only had one episode (Optic Neuritis) but has the lesions on his brain stem that suggest MS, that we would be best to wait and do another MRI in a few months to see if he continues to develop more lesions.  He said he’d rather not put him on medication and not ever know if he would have actually gone  on to develop multiple scleroses without medical intervention. 

Our prayer is that Tyler will be completely healed and that his next MRI will show no additional spots!  Thank you for praying with us.

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