Friday, May 18, 2012

This crazy, happy week!

Yesterday Briana graduated.  We had weekly practices with the homeschool group for several months for the singing and the skit.  Yesterday, we spent all morning setting up the stage and practicing, home to make corsages for the graduates, bake cookies for snack afterward, finish making Briana’s dress. oh, write that short speech for Joel and I and back for the evening program.  Can you say whirlwind? Here she is with her sister, cousin and a few friends!












The 4 seniors decided to getting dresses made alike, yes, Wendall saw the material and said he’s wear a shirt like it if someone made it for him!  They also decided to sing a couple of songs together, here they are rehearsing.  They sounded beautiful, in fact the whole high school group sounded absolutely amazing! 














The elementary group did really well too…the little guy on this end, Kyle, was the star of the show!  I think he’s in pre-K and he knew every word to every song they sang!   Malachi, at 11,  is the tallest guy in the class, he is 2 days older than the little guy in the blue shirt in the front row!  They look so funny together! No, Malachi is not standing on a higher step than everyone else in that back row—this handsome son is just a giant!











Not to forget a quick visit to see Kale in the hospital this afternoon.  He is out of the bed with the light, he is taking a bottle, still has a feeding tube  and is still very drowsy but if they’d just stop feeding him so much with the tube, maybe he’d eat more!  He is so adorable:












On the way home, we stopped at the greenhouse and got plants, got beans and corn seeds and came home and planted the whole fact we had too much stuff so tomorrow Joel needs to dig up some more ground in the back yard to finish.  We are out of everything so I wanted to plant alot… just praying it grows well.


cathy said...

Cindy, I always like reading your blog and I have a suggestion for you. Please sit down and take a breath, you made me feel exhausted after reading all this.

Cindy Fodor said...

Thanks for the advice Cathy! I slept in every day this week and been lazy...does that make you feel better?

djamaine said...

Congratulations to Brianna!!

She looks so much like you Cindy, I never really noticed that until I saw her profile picture here. She is beautiful!

Enjoy your grandson!

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