Friday, October 26, 2012

Breaking Up Stamp Sets

Have you ever said, “I just want this one stamp”.  Well Stampin’ Up! has listened.  They are doing a pilot program til January and have split up several stamp sets, even added a few new images, so that you can get just the one that you want.

There are 5 different fliers listing individual numbers and prices, I’m only showing you the images, but please click on the picture to get the details.

Please note, these won't be sent to you in our typical cases or packaging; they'll be packaged in cello bags. If you'd like a case for your stamp, you can buy our Clear-Mount Stamp Cases that come in packs of four (item 119105).

 single stamps

single stamps 2

single stamps 3

single stamps4

single stamps 5

1 comment:

djamaine said...

Hi Cindy,
I can only get the first assortment of single stamps info to come up. The others don't work at all or just the picture comes up.

Also on your other post I can't get the link to work-the one that says, for more info on Single Stamps click here-nothing happens. Is there a problem or is it just me?

Thanks, Debbie

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