Monday, February 8, 2016

Why Become a Demonstrator, and Why NOW?

Sale a Bration is a fabulous time to try out your hand at being a demonstrator!
There are never any 'strings' attached so you can go back to being a full-paying customer any time you choose but hear me out on the benefits of at least trying it.......

-Our kit is only $99 to start                                   =$25 of free business supplies
-You get to pick $125 worth of products              =$26 of free products
-During SAB you get an extra $30 of products    =$30 of free products
-Our kit has no shipping fees                                =$18+ savings
-As a demonstrator, you get a 20 discount on everything you order  
 for as long as you remain a demonstrator            =$countless
-This kit is yours to keep whether or not you choose to do anything more with the business
-You get to be a part of a fabulously creative group of ladies who call themselves the Joyful Heart Stampers.  We share in each other's successes, struggles and triumphs.  We love to get together to create and eat and just chat.
-You get to share your creations with everyone without looking like you're bragging, it's your business, smile.
-You get to say, "I'm working today" when you're actually having fun stamping
-You can choose to earn fabulous benefits when you decide to have a part time or full-time business
Are you ready to give it a try?   Join Now

Some of the things I love as I have done this for 20 years...
   .You get to work alongside your family (my little ones, helped me(ie played with my stamps), as      they got older, they were so much help) and I got to be home with my kids except for a few classes a  month and was able to work those around my husband's schedule.  Now, I do many in my home.
   -You make so many friends, it's amazing.  As a young mother, I needed some adult conversation and stimulation to keep me grounded.  As a grandmother, I need conversation and stimulation to keep me from getting alzheimers  smile.
   -My husband and I and even some of the children have gotten to enjoy fabulous FREE vacations that we would never have been able to take on our income.
   -I was able to quit my job as a Registered Nurse working in Critical Care and stay home with my family....please note that it was a pay cut for me but working this business helped to keep food on our table and gave me what I really wanted, Time with my children",  Granted, we worked a lot, but we worked together.
   -I cannot lie, it was fun and rewarding to be recognized many times for accomplishments in sales, recruiting, etc.  I think we all enjoy a little bit of recognition for the things we do and that is why in my team, I try to recognize those who work hard, share the love, are creative.  Each person has a different gift and all are blessed when we work together and share the load.
Join NOW
If you have some doubts or fears, lets talk: please contact me right now...and leave me the best way to contact you.  
If you don't, then go right here, click Join Now and get signed up.
I will try to make sure you are connected with the group and that you know what you need to should you decide to 'stay' a demonstrator.

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